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Zooka Sports Automatic Pitching Machines


Zooka ZS 720

Zooka ZS 740

Ages 5 12

Ages 5 - 18

10 to 50 plus MPH

10 to 65 plus MPH

Fastballs Only

Fastballs and Changeups





        Accurate delivery on every pitch to 1 MPH
        Variable speed from 10 to over 50 mph.
        Battery operated no power cords or generators.
        Typically 400 to 500 pitches per charge.
        Pitches baseballs, dimple balls, or tennis balls.
        Pitch alert beeper and LED speed readout.
        Use from 20 to 65 feet from home plate.
        Can be used for infield or pop fly practice.
        Lightweight and portable.
        Simple operation.
        Rugged construction for years of use.
        12-month warranty (6 months for batteries).

Prices do not include freight, set up, or taxes, if applicable

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