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 Tree Houses That Come With Their Own Tree!

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Due to our interest in safe play areas for children, Superior Golf Greens became involved with these radical tree houses.  In the same way our synthetic playground turfs make a great surface for play sets, they do the same thing for these tree houses.  We are offering these very unique tree houses because they are of the highest quality hand craftsmanship  and they come with their own tree!

Thatís right. A four to five foot diameter tree, taken from dead or dying stock, is carved out for the base of the tree house. Then a beautiful, hand crafted tree house is placed on the base. Having installed thousands of square feet of our playground turf, we know it will perfectly compliment these tree houses.  Of course, our playground turf is available for private residences under conventional play sets. Not only does the synthetic turf reduce maintenance around the tree house, but it also provides a cleaner, safer surface for the children to play.

As you can see, these tree houses are available in many styles and options. Contact us today for more information about getting a unique tree house to fit your needs or to discuss our synthetic playground turf around your play set or tree house.

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