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Our Total Home Practice Facility concept is the best way to lower your scores at home.  We have seen many advertisements boasting products to help golfers bring their scores down.  How are you going to do it?  After all, the goal of the game is to shoot the lowest score.  Are you going to get a new glove?  How about a swing trainer?  Maybe you could read a couple books.  Will a new set of irons get the ball to behave the way you want it to?  Many of these solutions are expensive and they have a low probability of success for most golfers.

The fact is that the best way to lower your score is practice.  But who has time to throw the clubs in the car and run to the range or course all the time?  That is why Superior Golf Greens developed the Total Home Practice Facility concept.  Now you can practice any club in your bag right in your own backyard.  When we started installing putting greens, we realized we were only addressing part of the sport and that was not good enough.  Now we have your solution to get away from the three putts, stop getting down in four from forty yards out, and to improve your up and down percentage from the bunkers.

Our Total Home Practice Facility concept consists of our world class putting green, a bunker, a tee box with commercial grade turf, and a full size hitting cage.  We supply all the components and we can explain how they fit together for you. Please contact us with any questions.

Artificial golf green installed on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Sand trap installed by Superior Golf Greens.

Tee box installed with synthetic turf.

Full size hitting cage.

Putting Greens Bunkers Tee Boxes Hitting Cages

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