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Tee Boxes & Tee Lines

If your synthetic putting green is large enough and there is enough room, there is always the desire to hit long shots to it.  We have installed greens that our customers hit 150 yard shots to as well as greens that they pitch to from a few yards.  The space you have A tee box and bunker facing a backyard putting green.available determines what we can do for you.  When hitting to a putting green, there is always the consideration of taking divots from your lawn.  This always becomes a maintenance nightmare.  To resolve this problem, we construct tee boxes that have amazing versatility.  We use synthetic turf that plays like a natural fairway to save your lawn.

When we use one of our tee line turfs, you can chip with your irons in one direction to your putting green and turn around and hit your driver off a tee into one of our full size golf Hitting Cages in the other direction!  This results in a backyard golf practice facility that is second to none.  If you want your tee box elevated or flush to the ground, we can fulfill your wishes.  If you just want to hit off a conventional range mat, we offer two styles for you to choose from.  Please click on Range Mats to see our offerings. 

For commercial applications, we construct tee lines that are practical and affordable.  At the golf course, when the hitting area is unplayable due to weather, we install fast drying synthetic tee line turf.  Our most popular tee line turf is 2 inches tall, so you can hit an iron just like off a fairway or the turf will hold a regular wooden tee.  We can install the same turf at practice ranges or pitch 'n putt courses to solve the problems of maintaining natural grass tees.

Synthetic turf tee line in Rhode Island.


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