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Indoor Greens

If you want to extend your golf season beyond what Mother Nature allows, we offer a variety of indoor putting greens.  Bases can be constructed of concrete, wood, or structural polystyrene.  We can install an indoor green in the basement, garage, breezeway, or in a room in your home.  Depending on the base construction, we have several putting turfs specifically engineered for indoor use.  These turfs have a rubber backing to cushion them and they require no sand fill.

The indoor greens will putt like a PGA TOUR green the same as our outdoor products because the same high quality turf is used.  Custom shapes and sizes are always available.  Don't let the weather stop you from keeping you putting stroke sharp all year round.

An artificial golf green goes almost anywhere.

This indoor green was shown at the 2002 New Bedford Home & Garden Show.  It hosted our putting contest that concluded with the finals held on the last day of the show.  We also held a putting clinic which was  conducted by local PGA Pro Shawn Lapworth.  Throughout the Show, attendees young and old tried their hands at the most important aspect of golf -- putting.


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