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Schools, churches, cities, YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, apartment complexes, homeowners, and everyone else who has had to maintain a playground runs into the same problem.  There is not a good ground cover around - until now.  Natural grass looks great, but it gets worn out and such heavy and rough traffic will not let it grow.Synthetic playground turf makes any play area look neater.  Plus, natural grass offers poor shock absorbing properties in fall zones.  Sand, shredded rubber, mulch, and wood chips are recommended for fall zones, but they never stay where they belong.  They get all over the children and then in the car, school, or home.  They are constantly in the surrounding area rather than where they belong.  Except for shredded rubber, the other materials will have to be replaced or replenished over time.  We offer a playground turf that lets children play and stops parents, teachers, school administrators, and janitors from cleaning up!  Our Style 287PE playground turf turns eyesores into showcases.  When put on top of a resilient material in fall zones, it keeps the material where it belongs and it saves money by reducing the need to replace or replenish the material.

Synthetic playground turf installed at a school in Massachusetts.But don't let the play yard be safer than your backyard!  The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 200,000 trips are made to emergency rooms every year due to playground accidents.  The most serious accidents are falls.  Protect your children by using a resilient material covered with synthetic playground turf.

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