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Netting Products

The association of Superior Golf Greens with some of the leading netting manufacturers in the country has led us to some unique netting projects.  A nursery school with a five foot chain link fence around their play area had a problem with the children throwing balls and toys over the fence.  Not wanting to present a prison-like appearance by extending the chain link fence to ten feet high, they asked us what we could do.  By extending their fence posts to ten feet high and installing 1 inch black diamond netting, we were able to contain the toys and avoid the expense of extending or replacing the chain link fence.  Plus, the netting is almost invisible.

Barrier netting installed at a nursery school in Massachusetts.


Fish pond netting.


Another customer presented us with a problem with his fish pond.  He wanted to keep the leaves from falling in the pond during the fall, but the leaves were very small.  We worked with one of our netting manufacturers to produce a fish pond net that had only ⅜ of an inch openings to keep the leaves out of the pond, but not seal it completely, as with a solid cover.  We were also able to have a heavy webbing with grommets installed around the border so the net could be held tight with stakes and keep from collapsing in the fish pond.  Our fish pond nets are custom cut to exactly fit your needs.

Our netting manufacturers also supply golf practice range barrier netting, baseball protective netting, tennis court barrier netting, cargo netting, aquaculture netting, animal deterrent netting, and many more netting products.  We are able to supply custom orders to exactly match your specifications.  Please call us with your needs for specialty netting and we will promptly respond to your needs.


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