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The newest rage in synthetic turf is lawn turf.  So great is the demand, our manufacturer introduced five new products in 2003 to fill gaps in the artificial lawn turf market.  These new SYNLawn products were engineered to match the color and appearance of natural grass in different parts of the country.  The reasons to install a synthetic lawn are many and varied:

The property owner wants to play golf rather than landscaper.

The desire to reduce nitrogen pollution from fertilizers.
The local Water Board imposes watering restrictions or bans.
Allergies to grass cutting.
An owner wants a second home to become more maintenance free.
Poor soil conditions for growing natural grass.
An apartment complex owner wants to reduce his upkeep costs.
Local bans on planting new grass or laying sod.
Environmentally conscious people want to eliminate air pollution from spilled gas and mower exhaust.
The joy of having a beautiful green lawn all year long with virtually no maintenance.
And the list goes on.......
The highlights if the new SYNLawn line include:
SYNBlue - Matches natural grass found in the north, west, south, and southwest United States.
SYNRye - Matches natural grass found in the north, west, and midwest United States.
SYNAugustine - Matches natural grass found in the west, south, and southwest United States.
SYNFescue - Matches natural grass found in the north, west, and southern United States.
SYNTipede - Matches natural grass found in the west, south, and southwest United States.
These synthetic lawn turfs are all durable products having pile weights between 42 and 46 ounces per square yard.  With pile heights up to two inches, they look like natural grass.  Like all our synthetic turfs, they can be trimmed to any shaped or size.  The complete  SYNLawn product line is protected from excessive fading as a result of exposure to sunlight by a manufacturer's warranty.  With prices ranging from $3.98 to $ 6.28 per square foot, SYNLawn is an affordable alternative that out performs natural grass.

Although introduced less than a year ago, we have already installed under a baseball bating cage we installed.  It was a damp, shaded location that would have grown more weeds than natural grass.  Now the owners have a maintenance free installation that will last for years.  For another customer, we installed SYNLawn  under a backyard play set.  Everyone hates to trim around the play set legs and now this customer will never  have to do it!

Synthetic Lawn Turf under         

a Backyard Play Set.             


Call us today to discuss SYNLawn and to let us show you samples of these amazing turfs.


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