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The Famous JUGS Pitching Machines


JUGS is the #1 ball-throwing machine in the world. 

Guaranteed for 5 years. 

Variable speeds to challenge all  hitters.


With a wide variety of machines available, there is a choice for every hitter from youngsters just starting out to major league players.  Mike Piazza, Cal Ripken Jr, and Jason Giambi all attribute their success as hitters to JUGS technology.

All JUGS pitching machines run on electricity.  Many also throw tennis balls and limited flight balls and they may also be used to practice fly balls, pop-ups, and grounders.  These pitching machines have many features.  These are the highlights for each model:


Curveball Pitching Machine: Baseballs.  20 104 MPH.   Ages 12 adult.  Fastballs, overhand curves, right or left handed sidearm curves and sliders.                                  $ 1745.00

101 Pitching Machine:  Baseballs.  30 90 MPH. Ages 6 adult.   Split-finger fastballs and overhand fastballs and curves.                                                                                      $ 1645.00

MPV Pitching Machine: Baseballs.  20 52 MPH.  Ages 6 12.  Fastballs             $   895.00

Combo Pitching Machine:  Baseballs or softballs.  20 104 MPH.  Ages 12 adult.  Fastballs, curves, sliders, and split-finger fastballs.                                                                        $ 2095.00

Jr. Pitching Machine:  Baseballs and softballs.  15 60 MPH.  Ages 6 15 for baseball and 6 adult for softball.  Fastballs.                                                                                        $1145.00

Super Softball Pitching Machine:  Softballs.  20 70 MPH.  Ages 13 adult.  Fastpitch or slowpitch risers and drops.                                                                                           $ 1395.00

Softball Pitching Machine:  Softballs.  15 60 MPH.  Ages 6 adult.  Fastpitch or slowpitch risers and drops.                                                                                                          $ 1095.00

Prices do not include freight, taxes, or installation.


There are also football, soccer, and tennis machines available.  We offer the complete line of covers, multiple ball feeders, generators, practice balls, and other accessories for the JUGS pitching machines. 

Please contact us for more details.


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