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Hitting Cages

If you are a novice just trying to make solid contact with the ball or if you maintain a low handicap, there is not a Custom hitting cage in Massachusetts.more practical addition to your backyard practice facility than a full size hitting cage.  Why pay to go to the range to constantly top or miss hit the ball when you can go into the privacy of your backyard and practice until you are consistently making solid contact with the ball? 

Don't have time to throw the clubs in the back of the car and go to the course or range?  No problem; just grab a few clubs and a shag bag full of balls and step into your backyard.  Superior Golf Greens offers full size hitting cages so you can safely take full swings with any club in your bag.  These cages are at least 10-feet wide by 10-feet high by 10-feet deep and use durable nylon netting for years of practice.  Targets panels are recommended to reduce wear on the cage netting.

When our hitting cages are combined with our putting greens, bunkers, and tee boxes, you will have a total home practice facility as close as your backyard.  Listed below are some of the options we offer to fit your needs.

A hitting cage will fit in almost any backyard.

A hitting cage with a synthetic range mat.

A variety of hitting cages are available.

A hitting cage will allow you to practice any club at home.




# 21 Nylon

10’ X 16’ X 10’

$ 499.00

# 15 Nylon

10’ X 16’ X 10’

$ 399.00

# 21 Nylon

10’ X 10’ X 10’

$ 358.00

# 15 Nylon

10’ X 10’ X 10’

$ 259.00


10’ X 10’ X 10’

$ 139.00




1 3/8 inch Complete Frame


1 3/8 Inch Fittings Only

$ 75.00

1 inch Complete Frame


1 inch Fittings Only

$ 45.00

All prices do not include freight charges, sales tax, or assembly/installation.  Custom wooden uprights or alternative frames are available upon request. Please contact us for pricing

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