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Fringe Turf

As a perfect complement to your putting green, we offer a wide selection of synthetic fringe turf.  Not only do these turfs add practicality to your residential putting green by allowing you to practice short chips and pitches, they improve the appearance of your green with a clearly defined apron that will look great all year round.  The table below lists the options currently available.  Please contact us when you are ready to buy, because new products are being added to our product line all the time.

Synthetic putting green with fringe turf installed.

Fringe Turf - All polypropylene turf is 12 feet wide. Style 525PN is 15 feet wide.
Style Weight per square yard Height in inches Sand Fill in pounds/sq. ft. Properties
355P 38 Oz. 1 3/4 11 Makes an attractive fringe around greens.
525PN 53 Oz. 1 1/4 4 A polypropylene and nylon blend for improved performance when pitching or putting off the green.
670P 90 Oz. 2 8 Our commercial grade tee line turf that is excellent for a fringe around your green.
402P 52 Oz. 2 11 A lighter version of the 670P .

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