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Putting Green Design Services

The three most important aspects of a successful synthetic putting green installation are planning, planning, and planning.   These important questions must be answered:
What will the green be used for, putting, chipping, long shots?
How will the green fit into the existing slope and grade?
What are the drainage considerations?
What are the ideal size and shape to minimize waste?

To answer these questions, Superior Golf Greens offers several levels of design services.  Within a 50 mile radius of our Rochester, MA location, we will provide a no charge consultation and quotation.  We will survey your location, mark out the proposed location and size of the green, recommend final slope and elevation of the green, discuss the number of holes and locations, and provide a proposal for your green with a firm price.  For potential customers beyond the 50 miles, we offer the same services with a minimal service fee to cover our transportation expenses.   This fee is fully refundable, if you decide to have us install a green.

For customers desiring a higher level of detail, we offer computer aided design services.  This is especially important if space is tight or if a synthetic fringe is going to be installed.  Waste can run very high when shaping a fringe around the green, however, with the help of a computer, the amount of fringe turf needed can be precisely calculated.    Also, the customer has an exact drawing of what the green will look like before a shovel of earth is moved.  The charge for our computer design services is $300 plus any travel expenses.  This fee is fully refundable, if you decide to have us install a green.


What ever level of design services you require, Superior Golf Greens will strive to exceed your expectations.  Please contact us for more information or to schedule a visit.


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