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Croquet Courts

Whether you play the backyard version of croquet with 9 wickets on a 100 foot long and 50 foot wide court or you play the 6 wicket version by United States Croquet Association rules on a 105 foot long by 84 foot wide court, synthetic turf can solve many of the problems associated with natural grass.


Croquet courts demand a surface that is true and cut very short.  Natural grass is put under a tremendous strain to serve satisfactorily for croquet.  Plus, it requires very careful attention and rigorous maintenance to keep the surface playable.  Even the best cared for natural grass croquet courts suffer after a heavy rain, but there is a solution that will perform beyond what is expected from natural grass.  Our Style 399N, when used as a  croquet turf, goes beyond natural with virtually no maintenance.

Layout courtesy of SportCraft.

We have heard of croquet courts that were unplayable for a whole season.  Poor spring weather conditions, attack by pests, and hot summer days never let the court get into playing condition.  Using the court would have risked more damage.  All these problems can be solved with synthetic croquet turf.  It cannot be damaged by drought, insects, fungus, or harsh weather.  Shortly after a heavy rain, it is ready for play with no puddles or mud.  Forget about reseeding, overseeding, and the application of chemicals that harm the environment.

Get synthetic croquet turf and just enjoy the sport.

Please contact us to discuss your croquet court needs.


       Ready to use right after installation!  No natural grass to grow.

    Drains quickly after a heavy rainfall.

       No watering, mowing, trimming, fertilizing, or disease.

       Made from durable nylon to withstand any climate.

       Any court size 6 wicket or 9 wicket, plus variations.

       Factory certified installers on every project.

       Virtually maintenance-free!  Just keep it free of debris.

       Plays the same day after day, year after year.


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