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A bunker is a perfect and practical compliment to any synthetic putting green.  The stark whiteness of the bunker sand contrasted to the crisp green color of the putting surface always presents a striking appearance.  We work with A residential bunker and backyard putting green.local golf course superintendents to select the best bunker sand available in your area.  By selecting the proper sand and with careful construction techniques, we install bunkers that will require minimum maintenance.  We have installed one bunker or multiple bunkers around our putting greens.  We are always happy to discuss your individual requirements based on your particular needs.

A bunker is also a practical addition because it allows you to master the sand trap shot in your own backyard.  Improving your up and downs from the sand can only be done with practice.  Below are some bunkers Superior Golf Greens has installed.  Click on a picture to see a larger view.

A sand trap overlooking a putting green. Practice your sand wedge in your own bunker. A bunker and synthetic putting green are part of our Total Home Practice Facility. A sand trap adds a new dimension to your backyard putting green.

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