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Bocce Courts

Bocce, or how to spend a few pleasant hours yelling with your friends and enjoying some wine or beer, is an ancient game.  To the outsider, it appears to be controlled chaos because there are no standardized rules.  Alternatively, it can be looked at as there are too many sets of "official" rules.  This leads to a perfect opportunity to make your own rules!  The "official" size of the court is 76 feet by 10 feet or 91 feet by 13 feet or 87 feet by 10 to 12 feet.  Since what is acceptable at one club is totally against the rules at another club, our goal is to simply point out the benefits of building bocce courts with synthetic turf.

Through all the disagreement, most will agree that bocce is some form of lawn bowling.   However, it is hardly played on natural grass.  The reasons are obvious because the surface takes a beating with balls being tossed on it, disgruntled players kicking it, and the low tolerance of natural grass for spilled alcohol.  Crushed limestone, clay mixtures, and ground seashells have found their way into bocce court surfacing because they stand up best to the abuse.

If an individual in their backyard, a club at their facility, a retirement complex at their clubhouse, or anyone else wants to get back to the roots of bocce with hardly any court maintenance, synthetic turf offers the perfect solution.  It is durable, always green, not harmed by any weather conditions, and very tolerant to spilled alcohol, although red wine must be cleaned up quickly.  The turf is 15 feet wide and available in any length, so regardless what size "official" court you put in, we can supply the turf.  Please contact us to discuss your bocce court needs.

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