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"A Tree(house) Grows in Franklin"

A family in Franklin, MA, took full advantage of our services by having us install one of our unique treehouses surrounded with our synthetic playground turf.  By using one of our synthetic playground turfs, this family will NEVER mow, water, or trim around the treehouse.  They will also keep the dangers of fertilizers and weed killers away from their children's play area.  By putting six inches of shredded rubber under the playground turf, their children are safer from injuries due to falls than they are in many school and municipal playgrounds.  Plus, our synthetic turf will keep the shredded rubber where it offers the most protection, rather than having it kicked all over the backyard.  Below is a progression of the story as A Tree(house) Grows in Franklin..........



A flat-bed trailer brings the treehouse to Franklin

Visit our page on Treehouses That Come With Their Own Tree or Contact Us to see how we can install years of safe and fun memories in your backyard.

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